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Mr. Charles D. Yarbaugh is the President of Precision Tactical Training & Consultants LLC. Mr. Yarbaugh has been a Certified trainer/instructor in various Law Enforcement areas for over 25 years. Mr. Yarbaugh is a 31-year retired veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department Washington, DC. During his tenure with the department he served 10 years as a supervisor and physical skills instructor at the DC Police Academy. Mr. Yarbaugh has also served as a member / Team Leader for the Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) for 18 years. He has participated in over 1,600 tactical operations and is highly regarded in the SWAT Community as an Active Shooter Trainer and Instructor. Mr. Yarbaugh has developed and was the lead instructor for the DC Police Departments Active Shooter Training Program. He has trained several LEO agencies, campus police and civilian organizations in Active Shooter response and awareness. He has authored editorials in highly recognized magazines such as SWAT and Tactical Response Magazine. Mr. Yarbaugh is currently working as a private contractor for the US State Departments Anti- Terrorism Assistance Training Program as an Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance (GATA) Instructor at U.S. Department of State;these trainers/instructor are considered to be some of the best and SME in their fields of work. Members from the SOP both military and SWAT are selected to teach in this program. This program covers classroom instruction on several Homeland Security, law enforcement and SWAT topics. These are just a few of the topics that are being taught within this training program , firearms, SWAT Tactics, Active Shooter Tactics, tactical planning and tactical operations. Most of this training is done overseas at varies training and military facilities throughout the world. Mr. Yarbaugh was highly recruited to participate as an instructor/trainer for this program since his first deployment to Africa in 2007.