Low Light tactical shooting

Low Light Tactical Shooting Course

PTTC is offering 4 hours training course designed to show the PSO how and why there are night site on your weapon. Most PSO’s have never used and or shot with the night sights and or use a flashlight during the hours of darkness, or in diminished light. Yet, most training takes place in daylight and little training is available on the key principles of low-light tactics, or in the proper deployment of the flashlight. 

PSO/LEO will improve their ability to survive and prevail in low-light engagements by learning the proper use of a flashlight and weapon in situations ranging from daily duties to a possible lethal force situation. Topics covered will include flashlight selection (both handheld and weapon mounted), low light threat identification, using light as a force option, and principles of low light tactics.

PSO/LEO will be shown the techniques that can be used in conjunction with a handgun. Students will also receive instruction on dedicated weapon mounted lights and deployment techniques. This is a unique training opportunity for the PSO/LEO and includes both classroom instruction and live fire low light shooting, moving and shooting multiple targets. Tactical lights will be available, however if the PSO/LEO has their own bring it to class.

  • Weapon Safety/Range Rules
  • Fundamentals of Combat Shooting Skills
  • Combat Shooting Techniques

Live Range Fire (includes hands on weapon training) which includes ammunition, targets and range time BDU/Duty Uniform Pants/Duty Boots/Duty Belt and Holster