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When it comes to firearms training/law enforcement training, PTTC has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the needs. Our training offers different levels and techniques of training as dictated by different agencies and Homeland Security. The classroom utilizes face-to-face lecturing, hands-on-training, real-time recorded feed of training activities and the latest technology in training equipment. Training offers simulated training for firsthand error feedback. The firearm training also offers indoor and outdoor facilities for up to 200 students.

PTTC has created the most dynamic platform for special operations development and training progression using a highly professional training curriculum. Within the special operations community, it is PTTC’s belief that in order to provide the most prepared and qualified personnel, real world knowledge and experience must be applied in the learning environment. PTTC provides full service with seamless logistical support. The result is maximum training value and time management. Students will participate in a training environment created for personal growth and operational excellence.

PTTC –Scenario Area

Our Scenario Area is a self contained urban based scenario environment consisting of several stand alone, reconfigurable structures and a vehicular platform and utilization of Military Grade Pop Up Targets. Our scenario area is meant to be a dynamic training environment to include high stress scenarios and sensory overload and can be configured for any level of light and sound conditions. All activities can be real time sound/video captured and later recorded for instruction and learning purposes. A cat-walk system allows for real time instructor observation and evaluation as students conduct realistic training exercises. The scenario area includes the following training/exercise settings:

·  An urban setting complete with urban movement

·  7 Open Bays for Vehicle Deployments maneuvers

·  An indoor vehicular tactical area

·  Open Indoor & Out door Areas for Pop-Up Targets

·  Multiple evaluation platform

·  Rapid insertion platforms

·  Controlled environment

·  Applied learning for real world scenarios

·  Force on force training

·  Weapon Safety/Range Rules

·  Fundamentals of Proper Shooting Skills/Dry Fire Exercise

·  Shooting ICE Course of Fire

·  Live Range Fire (includes hands on weapon training) which includes                     ammunition, targets and range time