PTTC is offering an initial weapons training and qualification (32hrs) and less-than-lethal weapons (8hrs) training providing four hours baton and four hours OC Spray training/certification as specified by manufacture and in accordance with state/local law. Come and learn the following training techniques during each training session.

Learn how to safely & effectively handle and shoot the Glock and / or the M&P Smith & Wesson 9mm/semi-auto handgun. Learn the firearms safety rules,effective Weapons handling Skills and the "9 STEP DRAW,” one of the most important overlooked keys to firearms training! Learn proper loading and tactical reloading techniques, how to use cover and shooting techniques from behind cover.

The NRA, Security Officer Management Branch, MD State Police, FLETC and other notable firearms training agencies, certifies PTTC Firearms Instructors. PTTC has an outstanding record of success with PSO passing the ICE Course. PTTC training techniques are the best in the Metro area and we stand by our professional commitment to our clients. 

·  Weapon Safety/Range Rules

·  Fundamentals of Proper Shooting Skills/Dry Fire Exercise

·  Shooting ICE Course of Fire

·  Live Range Fire (includes hands on weapon training) which includes ammunition, targets and range time