This 6-hour class is for any DC resident who has a desire to own and have a weapon in their place of residence. There will be classroom instruction on their constitutional 2ndAmendment Rights and the details regarding gun control laws within the District of Columbia as well as gun laws within Virginia and Maryland, and how these laws affect them. There will be classroom presentation and discussion of the legalities of purchasing, storing, transporting and using a firearm in self-defense situation.

Upon completion of this course, a certificate of completion will be signed by PTTC, certified by the Security Officer Management Branch. PTTC Firearms Instructor’s will conduct the required course as prescribed by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia in compliance with the Firearms Safety Act of 1975 D.C. Code Title 7-2502.03 (13) (A). PTTC Firearms Instructors are certified by MPD to conduct the six hours of classroom instruction and 3 hours of range instruction.

We are available to assist you with choosing your handgun in compliance with the District of Columbia's laws regarding proper registration, safe handling and storage. Now, if you have a firearm in your home, the PTTC certified instructors are available to educate the firearm owner about safety, mental preparation, proactive shooting skills, strategies for home and personal safety, self-awareness and the District of Columbia Law surrounding gun ownership.