DC SPO - DC Special Police Officer Firearms Training PTTC is offering 40 hours of firearm training. Come and learn the following during each training session. Learn how to safely, effectively, properly handle, shoot any handgun revolver/semi-auto. We will discuss proper Firearms Safety Rules, Effective Weapon Handling Skills, the” 9 STEP DRAW,” one of the most important overlooked keys to firearms training!! 

The Metropolitan Police Department Security Officer Management Branch and the National Rifle Association among other nationally known firearms training agencies throughout the USA have certified PTTC firearms instructors.

·  Basic Marksmanships/Common Sense Mistakes

·  Use of Force and Force Options

·  Fundamentals of Proper Shooting Skills/Dry Fire Exercise

·  Shooting Different Courses of Fire

·  Live Range Fire (includes hands on weapons training) which includes              ammunition, targets and range time


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